“Why I Write: The Twin Poets” Documentary

Hello,  Hearts and Minds Film Community! My name is Dan Collins, I’m a writer and producer with the independent film company TELEDUCTION, Inc. and Outreach/Development Director for the Hearts and Minds Film Intitiative.

I’m glad to announce that after three years of filming, we’re in the final production stages of our latest documentary film, Why I Write: The Twin Poets.  Check out the trailer:

The Twin Poets, Al Mills and Nnamdi Chukwuocha, embody the ideal of service to the community. Internationally acclaimed performers, they’ve graced stages around the world with their kinetic, socially focused style of spoken word. On the fast track to commercial success, the brothers decided instead to return home to Wilmington Delaware to dedicate themselves to the children of the Riverside neighborhood, where their father worked as a community leader a generation ago.

The film follows the twins as they try to lead a city full of children through the pitfalls presented by poverty and violence. Their message is essential, their power and purpose undeniable.

I look forward to keeping you updated as we work over the next few months to finish this important film, and to working with you to find ways to bring “Why I Write” to audiences in YOUR communities.

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-Dan Collins


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